How Many Orientation Matches Apex – Let’s Talk About It!

Apex Legends requires new players to play several orientation matches, usually needing wins or top-five placements, with each match featuring AI bots and beginners, helping players learn the game before entering regular battles.

Find out how many practice matches new players in Apex Legends have to play before jumping into real battles!

What Are Apex Legends Orientation Matches? – For Those Who Dont Know!

Orientation matches in Apex Legends are pivotal stepping stones for new players venturing into the adrenaline-fueled world of this battle royale game.

What Are Apex Legends Orientation Matches? - For Those Who Dont Know!

These matches are meticulously crafted training sessions that serve a multitude of essential purposes, including:

Foundational Learning: 

Orientation matches act as immersive tutorials, guiding new players through the foundational elements of gameplay.

From mastering movement controls to understanding weapon mechanics and utilizing character abilities, these matches comprehensively introduce the game’s core mechanics.

Team Synergy and Communication: 

One of the critical aspects emphasized in orientation matches is teamwork. Players are encouraged to collaborate closely with their squadmates, fostering a sense of camaraderie and teamwork.

Effective communication, strategic coordination, and mutual support are skills honed during these matches, laying the groundwork for successful squad-based gameplay.

Navigating the Game Environment: 

As players traverse through orientation matches, they acquaint themselves with the diverse landscapes and intricacies of Apex Legends’ dynamic maps. During these sessions, exploring key locations, understanding map rotations, and learning tactical positioning are essential aspects that players grasp, enhancing their spatial awareness and strategic planning.

Skill Development and Mastery: 

Orientation matches are arenas for skill development and mastery. Players can refine their aiming accuracy, weapon handling, ability usage, and decision-making skills in a controlled and supportive environment.

Players progressively enhance their gameplay proficiency by practicing essential gameplay techniques and experimenting with different strategies.

Progression and Rewards: 

Completing orientation matches often unlocks progression rewards, achievements, or in-game milestones.

These incentives motivate players to actively engage in the learning process and provide tangible rewards that signify their progress and accomplishments within the game.

How Many Orientation Matches Are There In Apex Legends – Know About It!

The number of orientation matches a player engages in within Apex Legends is not fixed but depends on various factors shaping each player’s learning and adaptation process. Below are key considerations that influence the duration and quantity of orientation matches:

Learning Curve and Adaptability: 

Players with a quick grasp of game mechanics and strategic concepts may progress through orientation matches faster, needing fewer matches to feel confident.

Conversely, players who require more time to acclimate to gameplay elements may benefit from additional orientation matches to solidify their skills.

Skill Development and Mastery: 

Progression in orientation matches often aligns with a player’s skill progression. As players improve their aiming accuracy, tactical decision-making, and overall gameplay proficiency, they may be ready to transition to standard matches sooner.

Complexity of Gameplay Elements: 

Mastery of intricate gameplay elements, such as character abilities, map knowledge, and advanced tactics, may require additional orientation matches for players to feel fully prepared for the challenges of regular gameplay.

Feedback and Improvement: 

Actively seeking input from gameplay experiences and leveraging opportunities for improvement can expedite a player’s readiness for standard matches. Reflecting on strengths and areas needing enhancement guides the progression trajectory.

Personal Goals and Competitive Aspirations: 

Players with aspirations of competitive play or ranking up in Apex Legends may opt for more orientation matches to fine-tune their strategies, teamwork skills, and overall gameplay before entering competitive environments.

Why Are Orientation Matches Important in Apex Legends –  Begin Your Winning Journey!

Orientation matches play a crucial role in the Apex Legends experience for several compelling reasons:

Why Are Orientation Matches Important in Apex Legends -  Begin Your Winning Journey!

Teamwork and Collaboration: 

Apex Legends is inherently a team-based game, and orientation matches emphasize the importance of teamwork, communication, and coordination.

Players learn how to work effectively with their squadmates, support each other during battles, and strategize together to achieve objectives.

Map Familiarity: 

Orientation matches allow players to explore the game’s diverse maps, landmarks, and strategic locations.

This exploration enhances players’ spatial awareness, map knowledge, and navigation skills, enabling them to make informed decisions and plan strategic movements in future matches.

Skill Development and Mastery: 

These matches provide a safe space for players to practice and refine their gameplay skills. From aiming accuracy and weapon proficiency to tactical decision-making and situational awareness, orientation matches offer valuable opportunities for skill development and mastery.

Confidence Building: 

By gradually introducing players to the game’s mechanics and dynamics, orientation matches help build confidence and competence.

Players gain a sense of accomplishment as they progress through these matches, fostering a positive gaming experience and encouraging continued engagement with the game.

Tips for Success in Orientation Matches – Begin Your Winning Journey!

Mastering orientation matches in Apex Legends requires a strategic approach and a keen understanding of the game’s mechanics. Here are advanced tips to help you succeed and elevate your gameplay:

Master Core Mechanics: 

Focus on mastering core gameplay mechanics such as movement, aiming, and weapon handling. Spend time in the firing range to refine your aim and familiarize yourself with different weapon types.

Communicate Effectively: 

Communication is paramount in team-based gameplay. Use pings, voice chat, or text to share information, coordinate strategies, and alert your teammates to enemy movements.

Coordinate Abilities: 

Coordinate your legend’s abilities with your squadmates for maximum impact. Combining abilities like Bangalore’s smoke with Bloodhound’s tracking or Lifeline’s healing drone with Gibraltar’s defensive skills can turn the tide of battle.

Understand Map Dynamics: 

Gain a deep understanding of the map’s dynamics, including hot drop zones, loot distribution, and high-traffic areas.

Knowing where to land, where to find resources, and where enemies are likely to be can give you a strategic advantage.

Adapt Your Loadout: 

Customize your loadout based on your playstyle and the situation. Experiment with different weapons, attachments, and equipment to find combinations that suit your preferences and complement your team’s composition.

Utilize Advanced Movement Techniques: 

Master advanced movement techniques such as slide-jumping, wall-jumping, and strafing to maneuver effectively during engagements. These techniques can help you evade enemy fire, reposition quickly, and maintain a tactical advantage.

Manage Resources Wisely: 

Manage your resources efficiently, including ammo, healing items, and grenades. Prioritize essential items, communicate with your team about resource distribution, and avoid wasteful usage during lulls in combat.

Stay Aware of the Ring: 

Constantly monitor the ring’s position and plan your movements accordingly. Anticipate ring closures, strategically position yourself within the safe zone, and be prepared for potential encounters near the ring’s edge.

Review and Analyze: 

After each match, review your gameplay footage or take notes on key decisions, engagements, and areas for improvement. Analyzing your gameplay objectively and learning from mistakes can accelerate your skill development.

Stay Calm and Focused: 

Maintain a calm and focused mindset, especially during intense firefights or challenging situations. Avoid panicking, communicate effectively with your team, and make calculated decisions based on available information.


1. Are orientation matches in Apex Legends different from regular matches?

Yes, orientation matches typically include a mix of AI bots and new players to provide a learning environment. Regular matches feature real players and are more competitive.

2. How long do orientation matches last in Apex Legends?

The duration of orientation matches can vary but is usually shorter than regular matches to accommodate the learning process and introduce basic concepts.

3. Can I invite friends to join me in orientation matches in Apex Legends?

Orientation matches may be limited to solo play or include other new players. However, you can join friends in standard matches once you complete orientation.

4. Do I need to win orientation matches to progress in Apex Legends?

Winning orientation matches is optional for progression. Focus on learning the game, improving your skills, and having fun during these introductory matches.


Newcomers to Apex Legends must succeed or rank in the top five in orientation matches against AI bots and fellow beginners. This experience helps them learn the game’s ropes before diving into real battles.

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