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Learning about Hanne Norgaard’s life was like finding a map to inspiration. As a makeup artist, businesswoman, and champion for diversity and mental health, her story showed me the power of resilience. Norgaard’s journey teaches us to embrace who we are and confidently chase our dreams.

Hanne Norgaard, born April 5, 1977, is a British-American makeup artist, businesswoman, and writer known for advocating diversity and mental health awareness. She gained recognition as the ex-wife of actor Idris Elba and has a daughter named Isan Elba.

Explore the extraordinary story of Hanne Norgaard, a talented makeup artist and advocate for diversity and mental health. Join her journey as she spreads beauty and positivity!

Who is Hanne Norgaard?

Hanne Norgaard, born on April 5, 1977, embodies the essence of diversity as a British-American makeup artist, businesswoman, and writer. Her heritage is a captivating blend of Afro-Asian roots, with ancestry tracing back to South Korea and African America. 

Beyond her professional achievements, Norgaard is revered for her passionate advocacy for diversity and mental health awareness, elevating her status as a role model in the industry. While she gained recognition as the ex-wife of esteemed actor Idris Elba, her identity transcends this association, defined by resilience, creativity, and a commitment to positive change. 

With a daughter named Isan Elba, Norgaard’s personal journey serves as a beacon of inspiration, inspiring others to embrace their heritage, champion important causes, and find strength in authenticity. In a world where diversity is celebrated, Hanne Norgaard stands as a shining example of beauty inside and out.


Full Name:Hanne Kim Norgaard (also known as Kim Elba)
Date of Birth:April 5, 1977
Place of Birth:The United Kingdom
Education:International Makeup Artist Academy, SC Institute
Height and Weight:5ft 1in, 131 lb
Spouses:Idris Elba (1999—2003), Pastor Andrew L. Friar II (2013–to date)
Children:One daughter, Isan Elba
Languages Spoken:English and Danish
Profession:Makeup artist, businesswoman, writer
Net Worth:$900,000
Famous As:Idris Elba’s ex-wife
Instagram Account:@KimElba

How Did Hanne Norgaard Begin Her Journey?

Hanne Norgaard’s journey into the world of beauty commenced with a childhood fascination for modeling. However, she prioritized education with her parents’ encouragement, who recognized the importance of a balanced approach to pursuing her dreams. 

This led her to the International Makeup Artist Academy in London, where she immersed herself in the artistry of makeup. Norgaard’s talent and determination quickly gained recognition, propelling her into the competitive world of makeup artistry. She honed her skills and cultivated her unique style with each brushstroke, earning acclaim for her creativity and precision. 

From her humble beginnings to her ascent as a renowned makeup artist and businesswoman, Norgaard’s journey epitomizes the transformative power of passion, perseverance, and pursuing one’s dreams. Her story serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists and entrepreneurs alike, demonstrating that with dedication and determination, anything is possible.

Why is Hanne Norgaard Significant?

Hanne Norgaard emerges as a significant figure in beauty and advocacy for several compelling reasons. Firstly, her multicultural background, stemming from her Afro-Asian heritage, brings a unique perspective to the industry, emphasizing the beauty of diversity. Norgaard’s advocacy for diversity and mental health awareness further amplifies her significance, as she uses her platform to promote inclusivity and positive change. 

Additionally, her association as the ex-wife of renowned actor Idris Elba has thrust her into the spotlight, providing her a platform to influence and inspire others. Beyond her personal life, Norgaard’s achievements as a makeup artist, businesswoman, and writer underscore her multifaceted talents and unwavering commitment to her craft. Through her work and advocacy, she serves as a role model for aspiring artists and individuals striving to make a difference in the world.

How Did Hanne Norgaard Become Famous?

Association with Idris Elba: 

Norgaard’s marriage to actor Idris Elba brought her into the spotlight, particularly within celebrity circles. Despite their divorce, their association remained a point of interest for fans and media alike.

Career Achievements: 

Norgaard’s career as a makeup artist garnered attention, especially for her work with celebrities, participation in fashion shows, and contributions to film productions. Her talent and expertise in the beauty industry elevated her profile and contributed to her fame.

Advocacy Work: 

Norgaard’s advocacy for diversity and mental health awareness also significantly influenced her rise to fame. Her efforts to promote inclusivity and positive change resonated with audiences, further amplifying her influence and recognition.

Hanne Norgaard’s Hobbies and Passions:

Nature Lover:

Hanne Norgaard finds peace and happiness in nature. She enjoys taking walks in the park and hiking in the countryside. Being surrounded by the beauty of the natural world brings her a sense of tranquility and joy.

Book Enthusiast:

Norgaard loves to read. Whether getting lost in a captivating story or learning something new from a non-fiction book, she finds pleasure in literature. Books inspire her and broaden her perspective on life.

Cherishing Family Time:

Spending time with loved ones is precious to Norgaard. Whether it’s cooking a meal together, sharing stories around the table, or going on adventures as a family, she values the bonds that strengthen her relationships and bring happiness to her life.

What is Hanne Norgaard’s Net Worth?

Through her diverse career as a makeup artist, businesswoman, and writer, Hanne Norgaard has accumulated a net worth estimated to be around $900,000. This figure reflects her financial success and the value she has contributed to the beauty industry and beyond.

As a makeup artist, Norgaard has worked with numerous celebrities and contributed to various fashion shows, movies, and TV productions. Additionally, her entrepreneurial ventures, such as her cosmetics line, Kim Elba Cosmetics, have further bolstered her financial standing.

While her net worth is a testament to her professional achievements, it also underscores her commitment to empowering others and advocating for important causes, such as diversity and mental health awareness. Hanne Norgaard’s net worth represents her financial prosperity and impact on the world.


1. Is Hanne Norgaard involved in any philanthropic activities?

Yes, Hanne Norgaard is known for advocating mental health awareness and diversity. She actively supports initiatives aimed at promoting positive change in these areas.

2. Does Hanne Norgaard have any published works?

Yes, Hanne Norgaard is a writer and has contributed to various publications. Additionally, she may have authored books or articles related to her expertise.

3. Where can I follow Hanne Norgaard on social media?

Hanne Norgaard can be followed on her Instagram account, @KimElba, where she shares insights into her life, work, and advocacy efforts.

4. What is Hanne Norgaard’s current focus or projects?

Hanne Norgaard’s current focus may include her ongoing work in the beauty industry, her advocacy efforts, and any new projects or ventures she may be undertaking.


Hanne Norgaard, a British-American makeup artist, businesswoman, and writer, advocates diversity and mental health awareness. Known for her marriage to actor Idris Elba and as a mother to Isan Elba, her influence extends beyond her personal life.

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